sailor's sweetheart

just the life of a navy wife!


married life has been down right awesome!

i cannot believe that next month it will be ONE YEAR since i moved to south carolina to be with him!!! this year has really flown by. it kinda needs to slow down.

not much really going on right now…just very pleased with my life, i have an amazing man to call my husband and am enjoying every second i have with him.



wow… i am really bad at updating this!

well we got engaged in sept as i said before…. we got married Oct. 12th! officially a navy wifey! we are saving up for a formal ceremony with family and friends. we are hopping to maybe have it in may… if it doesn’t work out no big deal.. but it will be sometime within the year! i am loving life<3 it’s so nice to have the love and support from our family and friends. every girl deserves her dream wedding, but in the mean time i get to call him my husband… and in the end that is all that matters!! <3



he proposed this weekend =] =] =] =]



2 WEEKS from Friday I will finally be reunited with my Sailor!! 

This will be the longest we’ve been apart, but at least I got to talk to him and skype a lot! Plus, I am moving down there.. so life is gonna be so much better =] 

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t waittttttt. Iam gonna kiss and hug that man like crazy! <3<3



its been awhile!

well i have visited my sailor 3 times since he graduated in march! i actually just saw him this weekend! big things have been happening, i decided that i am moving closer to him in the summer with my friend! just signed the lease this week! i am super excited and so is he! it makes me so happy to see how excited he is for me to be moving closer to him. the look on his face every time we talk about it and how he says he’s so excited just melts my heart!

i feel like we have gotten even closer since he has been gone, which i thought was impossible because of how close we are..but out love and relationship gets stronger everyday. leaving him never gets any easier.. but knowing i will be near him soon helps! i know that i wont be able to see him everyday, but just being closer and being able to see him when he can will be great! we will only be miles apart, instead of states apart which makes me feel better.. i just want to be closer to him as much as i can before he gets deployed. my family doesn’t seem so enthused about my move as i am, except for my mom.. she has been so supportive. i know my dad and my aunt are just going to miss me a lot, but i wish they could just be a little more supportive… im not happy without my boyfriend i just wish they would understand that this is important to me and what i want to do. im 22 years old, and i am in love with a man in the navy… me moving is bound to happen.

he is my bestfriend and i don’t know what i would do without him. tomorrow (well technically today) will be our 7 years… 7 years ago he asked me out! it is so crazy to  think about. we have had our fair share of ups and downs, but being together is the most important thing. we’ve made it through so much, and a lot of changes have happened this year with him joining the navy.. but he is my one and only. he is the man i want to marry and i couldn’t picture marrying anyone else.

we’ve been talking about marriage a lot lately! it’s actually pretty exciting. last time i visited him, we were in the mall and passed a lot of jewelry stores… he said ” i don’t even know your ring size” so i joked about going to find out one day.. and he said “you seriously should”.. so i did! and he’s been asking what kind of rings i like… and we’ve just talked about marriage. it is something we both want. he tells me to be patient all the time… “he wants to do it right” & “give me the ring i deserve”. he is such a sweetheart i am so lucky and thankful that he is mine and in my life. i am so excited about our future! i can’t wait to marry him and have his babies :) we talk about it all the time, he’s excited too which makes me happy that we both want the same things.  & we saw a wedding on the beach this weekend and started talking about wedding plans and what we would want. ahhh<3

i know navy life is hard, its hard for them, its hard for us.. but it is worth it in the end. he is going to have a bright future and i will be by his side supporting him the whole way. he’s the love of my life and i am so proud of him! <3

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